Have you ever had a situation where your weekly trash removal service does not pick up large items, and you don’t have a vehicle to transport something like a large appliance, let alone where to bring it? In addition, most landfills will not accept large appliances.

This is one of the perfect times to find and use “hauling services near me.” A professional junk hauling service can easy pick up whatever old appliance you have and deliver it to the right disposal location.

Sometimes you know a junk hauling service is the simple answer, but you have a few questions before you pick up the phone to call. Let us help you with options for removing large appliances.

What kind of appliances can be removed?

We remove almost all types of appliances, including refrigerators and freezers (all types), dishwashers, microwaves, air conditioners, garbage disposals, trash compactors, water heaters, ranges (all types of stoves and cooktops), as well as lawnmowers and vacuums.

Because appliance removal can be a big job and often weigh more than one person can handle alonge, a professional hauling service has all of the resources from hand trucks, to tape and straps, to the vehicles to transport them.

How does this process work?

Upon arrival at your home or site for appliance removal, we can remove your unwanted appliance(s) depending on its condition. If your appliance still works, we can donate that item(s) to a local charity, or if that appliance is no longer working, then we can take it to the proper recycling center.

Since several appliances are made of metal, you can not only haul away old appliances, but also recycle them. A professional junk hauling service knows how best to process scrap metal in a safe and efficient way.

For appliances such as refrigerators and freezers, they may contain Freon or other chemicals that can be harmful to the environment, if not handled carefully. A recycling center will collect chemicals, such as Freon, up front before the rest of the appliance is sorted.

What is the cost for removal?

Depending on factors such as how many, how large, and where it’s going will dictate the cost for removal.

Professional services search should include “junk hauling services near me” to find the local options. Easy Hauling Services provides junk removal, hauling services, and demolition service throughout Maryland.

Easy Hauling takes the time to discuss the full scope of your project and schedule a free, no obligation estimate or provide an over-the-phone estimate. Their crew will arrive on time and remove all the unwanted junk and debris as directed. Through working on time and on budget, Easy Hauling Services strives to find a way to recycle, repurpose or donate most of the items we pick up, as well as take many items to local charities.

Their specialized vehicles are tailored to getting the task accomplished safely and economically. Fully enclosed trucks will protect your donations from the elements and weather. Trailers and open beds can be used to transport your clean out contents, yard debris and general junk which may need taken to the dump, recycling or for donation. Don’t just search for “residential demolition services in Crofton, MD,” call Easy Hauling Services today 410-991-2945 for a quote or to schedule a service.