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Pool Removal

Is pool removal on your radar? People are getting rid of pools at home now more than ever. You might be considering eliminating your in-ground or above-ground pool for many reasons. A pool costs time and money; your family may have outgrown its use. The average pool costs $3,000 per year to maintain. Water conservation and shortages are a serious consideration. Dismantling any pool is a lot of work and creates tremendous debris. Easy Hauling Services can remove your in-ground or above-ground pool while you sit back and relax.

Pool Demolition

So you’ve already decided you no longer need your built-in pool. You don’t need a skate park, dog park, or roller rink, so a pool demolition is in the cards. An average pool holds around 30,000 gallons of water. Factor in roughly 18,000 gallons of evaporation in a year, and getting rid of your pool starts to sound pretty good. Anything that holds that much water will create a lot of debris when dismantled. Your trash collector won’t take giant pieces of trash. A dumpster will be necessary to safely get rid of the garbage, whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool.

Drain, Demo And Removing A Pool

There are a lot of aspects to consider when removing a pool. A pool with a deck makes the removal more complicated. Also, you’ll need to consider where the water goes before draining your pool. Flooding your neighbor’s basement won’t go over well. Regardless of your pool type, We can remove it so you can start saving money. You may opt for the complete removal of all the concrete. Or, you might decide on drilling and demolishing the concrete and filling it in with dirt. An above-ground pool is easier to dismantle and remove but is still a big job.

We at Easy Hauling Services have the experience to drain, demo, and remove your pool. Our technicians have expert training and will leave your property clean and fresh. You can relax knowing your water bill will go down, and so will your maintenance to-do list!